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About Us

Cheque Express has been established now for over 13 years. It is a family run business that has grown over the years thanks to our regular customers who come back week after week and tell their friends about the good deal they get at Cheque Express and the friendly service they receive. We treat everyone with respect and endeavour to help you turn your cheque into instant cash.

We believe in being fair to customers and display our commission rates in our shop so you know exactly what fee you will be charged before you give us the cheque! The fee is taken out of the cheque when we cash it, so there is no upfront fee to pay.

Give us a ring and we will give you a Quote. WE OFFER THE CHEAPEST CHEQUE CASHING FEE'S IN TELFORD!

Cashing Your Cheque

If you decide to change your cheque for cash you will be asked to fill in an application form and provide some ID. We have to ask you for certain forms of I.D to help us follow rules and regulations enforced by the relevant government departments, So please don't be offended when we start asking you for Photo I.D and Utility bills.

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to provide the required I.D but give us a ring and we will try help you out with other suggestions that would be suitable.

Click Here to view the list of Required I.D

We Also ask that the Cheque is dated recently (within the last 7-10 days) and if you have any paperwork attached to the cheque can you please bring the paperwork with you when you come to the shop.

If the Cheque is older than 7-10 days we will still be able to help you with it!

Click Here to view the list of Cheques we accept

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